A full day field trip is organized to the lower Strymon River valley and the Amphipolis archaeological site.

28 May 2016

  1. 1st Stop Kerdillia hill for a panoramic view of Strymon River, basement rocks, sedimentary deposits, geomorphology, river embouchure and outfall.
  2. 2nd Stop Miocene and Quaternary deposits of the Amphipolis area.
  3. 3rd Stop The old bridge (Classic to Byzantine era).
  4. 4th Stop Amhipolis Archaeological Museum.
  5. 5th Stop Geology of Kastas Hill (Hellenistic Monument).
  6. Late lunch at a local tavern.

Trip Field Info

Leaders: G. Syrides, S. Pavlides, A. Chatzipetros
Price: 45.00€ per person
Minimum Participants: 18 persons
Departure Time: 09:00
Meeting Point: KEDEA


The field trip to Mount Olympos offers two days with two additional optional days:

28-29 May 2016

Visit in the two-day trip (May 28-29)

  • the active fault alongside the eastern margin of Mount Olympos, the geo-mythological site of the springs of the Archeological Park of Dion, the Litohoro Canyon including ductile folding of Triassic carbonates
  • the active fault alongside the eastern margin of Mount Olympos, the geo-mythological site a road trip crossing the entire mountain east-west including exhumed Pelagonian (Pangaean) basement, remnant ophiolitic rocks, blueschists, the mylonitic carbonates of Olympos and the exhumation contact itself

30 May 2016

An Optional day (May 30):

The Northwest Margin of Olympos featuring the view of the Thrones of the Gods, the Kokkinopylo sehists and exhumation contact, and the Levadi (subducted and exhumed) Ophiolite.

31 May 2016

An Optional Day (May 31):

Participants can trek Olympos itself (weather permitting), or visit the Tempe Gorge, Ambelakia Blueschist Type-section and Village, and drive along a 12 km section roadcut of the exhumation margin from the Pelagonian complex through to the top of Mt Ossa (Kissavos).


Hotel Galaxia – Leptokarya

Single room with breakfast: 40 €/night
Double occupancy: 20 €/person

For the two-day field trip

160€/person including:

  • Transport from KTEL Thessaloniki to KTEL Thessaloniki
  • Field Vehicle transport
  • Field picnics and snacks
  • Electronic field guide / print summary for field
  • “Gratis” copy: The Birth of Olympos

Trip Field Info

  • Evening meal in Leptokaria is at the participant’s expense: there are many good seafood restaurants in the town. Low cost meals can be provided by the hotel if requested.
  • If participant provides their own car, the cost will be 60€ for the 2-day field trip/person
  • For participating in the optional days: the cost is 80€/ day; same hotel rates apply

Leader: A. Rassios

In case you are interested in participating in the Field Trip2: The creation of Mount Olympos, please contact Mr. Rassios (email: