There will be both oral and poster presentations in all sessions (May 25‐27, 2016). Participants will be able to choose their preference (oral or poster mode) in the application form, but their definite mode of presentation will be decided by the Programme Committee and the respective Conveners, based on space / time restrictions.

  • Oral Presentation – The allocated time for oral presentations will be 15 minutes in total. This includes time for the presenter to be introduced, present his/her contribution, answer a number of questions, and do any wrap-up. Therefore, presenters should plan their actual presentation for no more than 12 minutes. There is a tight schedule and it is important that each presenter stay within the time limit. Presenters will have access to a laptop with LCD projector and a laser pointer. Please, bring your presentation to the meeting on a USB flash drive to load on the in-room laptops. You will not be able to use your own laptop for your presentation. You can load your presentation on one of the conference laptops before the first session, during the coffee breaks, or during lunch preceding your presentation. A support staff member will be in each room to assist with the loading.
  • Poster Presentation – For each poster, display boards will be allocated. The poster board usable space will be announced in EGE 2016 website when further details become available. The poster area will open thirty minutes before the sessions begin each day. It is advisable to hang the posters sometime before 9:00 a.m. the day of the respective session, if possible. Posters will need to be taken down by the end of the day of each session. Presenters will be required to be next to their posters site during specific time slots.